Training a group of rural elementary teachers in language teaching

Claudia Janneth Parada Moreo

  • Claudia Janneth Parada Moreo
Palabras clave: Reflective teaching, training perspective, knowledge base, English teaching and learning.


This paper describes the development of an English training program with a group of rural elementary teachers from “Institución Educativa Rural del Sur” in Tunja, who have had to teach a foreign language without mastering it. It is supported by some constructs like reflective teaching, training perspective and teacher development approaches, knowledge base; the project involves three stages: training on English knowledge, implementation into the classroom, and reflection on these practices. The study attempts to know what impact has the intervention on English language teaching and learning processes. This is a qualitative research project under an action research approach, since I am collecting teachers’ feelings, perceptions, expectations, attitudes and aptitudes in relation to their participation along process through reflective journals, interviews and direct observation as research instruments.


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